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Mass Payment Solutions

We provide a technology-driven solution to execute mass payments at a few clicks of a button to ensure bulk payments are made on-time, in full, and paid with ease.

Ebury’s Online Platform is award winning 

  • Make world-wide payments at better exchange rates with same-day processing of funds in the beneficiary’s time zone.
  • Enjoy enhanced data validation to minimise payment returns.
  • Ensure 100% of the payment is credited to recipient’s account, therefore avoiding deduction of costly intermediary charges.
  • Have the ability to track payments end-to-end in real-time with full visibility on a payments’ status through SWIFT gpi. We combine this with an optional confirmation notice when the money reaches the recipient’s account to provide better payment clarity.
  • Control user access to the platform.
  • Set rules per-user including both trade and payment restrictions, with the ability to set the authorisation level ensuring an adequate audit process.
  • Enhanced security through encryption when data is uploaded directly to the platform instead of many weaker systems that rely on a spreadsheet to be emailed.

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