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Collection Accounts

Collect funds from customers or subsidiaries around the world in over 55 currencies, through an international currency payment, before converting the funds into your functional currency.

Service Benefits

The main benefit of this service is to enable businesses to price in their customers’ preferred local currency. By invoicing in their local currency your customer knows exactly how much they need to pay, which both simplifies the process for them and gives your business ultimate control over the exchange rate.

You can fix a rate for all or some of the funds before receiving the money to give you stability in the exchange rate, or wait until the funds have been received.

Collection is fast and secure and simplifies operational management by eliminating the need to maintain costly bank accounts across multiple currencies and locations. You can view fund balances 24/7 through the Money Mechanix platform.

Payment & Collection Capabilities

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How it works


Receive foreign currency from customers worldwide.

Convert and withdraw your funds in your funding currency.

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