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Manage currency risk
If the exchange rate moves unexpectedly you may not receive as much currency as you expected and you would therefore need to buy more than you budgeted for. To reduce the risk of the exchange rate moving against you it is possible to fix the exchange rate with a forward contract. By fixing the exchange rate for some or all of your currency exposure you can easily budget for your purchase and remove any nasty surprises.
Rate alerts and currency orders
Be alerted when the exchange rate moves or place an order to automatically purchase a fixed amount of currency at a prescribed level
Track payments
We send automated email confirmation notices when funds are received and proof when payments are made. You can login online to see live your live balances on your currency accounts, the status of all payments. This helps reduce inconvenience, minimize delays and help individuals better manage their day-to-day finances.
Live pricing in over 140 currencies
We partner with a regulated electric money institution to obtain scale and leverage the best market pricing from a syndicate of Top Tier banks with trade of over £12.5bn in 2017.
Multi-currency collection accounts
No maintenance fee, collect in over 55 currencies, and pay out in over 140 currencies enabling individuals to buy, store and pay in local currency. This simplifies dealing in foreign currencies and you can even fix a rate before receiving funds or wait until they have been received.
Award-winning online platform, powered by Ebury

Ebury’s Online Platform allows you to process and manage everything online giving you the flexibility to manage your finances on the move at the click of a button.

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