A bespoke offer for businesses of all sizes from multi-national £bn corporates to sole traders who deal with currency volatility and payment uncertainty when trading internationally.

Every client is assisted by an experienced professional who has worked within the currency markets for over a decade. Our focus is to provide insightful and balanced views based on fact.

  • Receive clear, concise and timely information on currency movements so you can make sound decisions with confidence.
  • Specialist knowledge in Emerging Market currencies.
  • Risk management strategies tailored to your business needs.
  • Rate alerts to notify you when an exchange rate hits a prescribed level.
  • Market orders can be placed higher than the current market rate (limit order) or at your worst-case rate (stop loss), which will execute for a fixed amount if the rate moves to the desired level.

Expert Solutions

  • A plan to mitigate the risk of adverse currency movements with a forward contract. By fixing the exchange rate for some or all of your currency exposure, for short or medium-term needs (up-to-3 years ahead) you can easily reduce the risk of adverse exchange rate moves. We offer credit lines, upon application, to assist your purchase.
  • The ability to track payments end-to-end in real-time with full visibility on a payments’ status through SWIFT gpi. We combine this with a confirmation notice when the money reaches the recipient’s account to provide better payment clarity to ensure companies get paid for services, or receive the delivery of goods, in a more timely fashion. This added visibility and same-day processing of funds in the beneficiary’s time zone helps businesses: reduce inconvenience; minimize delays; reduce exposure to FX risks; and helps finance teams better manage their day-to-day cash flows.
  • We offer access to trade over 140 currencies. In addition, on demand currency collection accounts with no maintenance fee, in over 55 currencies, enabling business to price in their customers’ preferred local currency. This simplifies dealing with customers overseas and gives your business ultimate control over the exchange rate: fix a rate before receiving funds or wait until they have been received.
  • An award-winning online platform to manage and record everything: arrange, view and manage payments and currency deals in real-time; amend open contracts; run detailed reports; and manage system user permissions at the click of a button.

Key sector solutions


  • Agricultural
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care & Pharma
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Industrials
  • Manufacturing
  • NGOs and Charities
  • Transportation
  • Travel & Leisure


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